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hot stone massages


some info about the treatment.

what is it?

A hot stone massage is a type of massage generally centred around the use of smooth heated stones. These stones are used to massage the body, and combined with the use of hands, the heat from the stones penetrates into muscle tissue resulting in a warm and relaxing experience anda release of muscle tension.

key benefits

Hot Stone massages are suited for individuals with muscle tensions who prefer a light massage as oppose to a high pressure hands on approach. Below are some of the benefits that hot stone can bring

  • Reduction in Anxiety
  • Reduced Back pains due to the release of muscle tension
  • Reduced levels of depression due the energizing effect and calming effect​.
  • Improved Sleep 
  • Pain relief from Osteoarthritis


 As mentioned above, the use of hot stones is the heart of this type of therapy. River rocks, typically made of basalt are used as they are rich in iron and also retain heat rather well. These stones are also used as they because they are smooth due the river currents at the source of origin.

Once the stones are heated, they are carefully placed on the client on points that are thought to provide a natural balance between the body and the mind. This form of therapy has been used for hundreds of years and dates back to native americans.

It’s long standing history of use is considered an affirmation of the effectiveness of this type of thera